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About Me

Leo Bornschlegel

As a medical masseur I am fighting against the sometimes complex problems of my patients and clients and have been doing so for almost 15 years now. Starting with my work in clinics and rehabilitation centers I had the opportunity from early on to gather sound knowledge regarding therapeutic massage as well as medical healing application.

Searching for a new challenge I had the opportunity during the later stages of my career to work in spas and wellness areas of renowned 5-star hotels. There were new possibilities for me and I realized quickly, which beneficial benefit a patient could have from a deeply relaxing and still medical massage.

Far from the end of my interesting occupation I now wish to pass this knowledge on to you and have decided to open my own massage office in Zurich. Within a pleasing environment I will show you ways and possibilities of how your complaints can be healed efficiently and how medicine and wellbeing often coincide.